Minggu, 26 Mei 2013

Dee Lestari's "Grow A Day Older" (Quotes)

“If everything has been written down, so why worry, we say.
It’s you and me with a little left of sanity.”

“His presence turned me into a porcelain doll ─fragile, breakable, too fussy to be carried.”

“It’s a frantic combination between drowning and wanting to get out, between dying and gasping for life.”

“To him, I might be the perfect friend. But deep down. I’m just in love.”

“And I realize how I was constantly swaying from one side to the other. I wanted to stop. I wanted to decide. But some stupid philosopher kept telling us to go with the flow, to drift with the river of life. What flow? This is not a flow, it’s a predictable swing that goes back and forth without ever moving elsewhere.”

“Now that I realize that even a skyscraper of fence wouldn’t work either. I need a line of faith as a real border between us. A strike of amnesia, perhaps.”

“But I can only carry one romantic connection in this claustrophobic heart of mine.”

“If you love someone, you have to embrace the whole package, right? Love the person as is.”

“Timing is everything. Leave the box and go. Scar his heart and fly away.”

“I love you.”
I grab hold of my breath. One more push and the anchor will plummet.
“Well, I love you too, you know that.”

“He bends over like a knights, ready to console a confused princess who has been saved from a dragon by another king and lived happily until this brightly shining newcomer arrived and swept her off her feet. The problem is, he was too late. There’s no dragon left. The battle has already been fought and won.”

“And I can feel I’m arriving at that moment again, right now. Cuddled like his teddy bear, still not knowing what to do, what to decide.”

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