Minggu, 26 Juli 2015

Belated Birthday Note

Sometimes life offers you so many stories to write, so many chances to get, so many wounds to be healed, and so many people to be loved.

And at this point, after the 19th trip of me surviving around the sun, I know that the best way to live this damn life is to laugh.

Laugh at those heartbreaks, laugh at the stupidity, laugh at those silly things I've ever done, laugh at those twisted games that got me black and blue, laugh at this goddamn universe...

And also, be grateful.

Be grateful because God still let me have so many people to laugh with...

Have many people to cry with...

Have many people to argue with...

And have many people to share life, love, happiness, fear, and the excitement of this bitchy life.

I never know how or when this journey will end.

Yet somehow I believe that I still have a long, winding road to walk.

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