Rabu, 15 Juli 2015

Book Review | I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Judul Buku : I've Got Your Number
Pengarang : Sophie Kinsella
Penerbit : Gramedia Penerbit Utama
Ukuran : 11 x 18 cm
Tebal : 576 halaman
Terbit : Mei 2012
ISBN : 978-979-22-8408-9

Ini buku lama banget dan boleh dapet dari bazaar buku Gramedia LOL.

But hey, Sophie Kinsella is a great writer though. I knew her from "Confessions of Shopaholic" (I read and watched the movie). Honestly I'm just not that into Kinsella's or Meg Cabot's, and I'm just more into Linda Howard's or Sandra Brown's, but this book is just so amazing (and makes me think that I should read more chicklits).

Poppy Wyatt was engaged with a perfect man, Magnus Travish. Magnus proposed to marry her and gave her a beautiful ring. But due to some champagnes she got drunk, and the ring was lost. So Poppy looked for it like crazy because she was going to meet Magnus's parents. Her phone was lost too, and surprisingly on a trash, she found a phone! She took and used it. But Sam Roxton, the owner of the phone, wanted his phone back. So after those witty negotiations, they shared the phone.

I love this book because Kinsella is so smart of making funny dialogues, great narration, and twisted plot. This book told us that sometimes some things that we think are best for us, actually not. But universe will tell us in so many ways, and all we have to do is to find the signs. Someday we have to choose spontaneously, to get our own happiness (like Poppy, who has fallen in love right before her wedding). And this book teaches us how not to be afraid to take chance and be proud of ourselves.

And for Heaven's sake, I love Sam Roxton!!!! XD

"Sometimes wrong number leads you to Mr. Right."

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